Iran's Nuclear Weapons

I made the mistake of watching CNN the other day and had the pleasure of getting to see Larry King lie repeatedly into the camera. It is possible, of course, that he believed the lies he was telling, but that does not make them true.

He kept referring, as most American journalists do, to "Iran's Nuclear Weapons" or "Iran's Nuclear Weapons Program."

What needs to be noted is that, based on the evidence provided, Iran does not have a Nuclear weapons program. The IAEA's reports on the subject outline the fact that "there is no evidence of diversion of nuclear material to a weapons program" however "outstanding questions" remain. Suspension of Uranium Enrichment is intended to "build confidence in the international community," and clearing up the outstanding questions (rather than suspension of enrichment) is the real issue, contrary to the assertions of the western media.

We should also note that a few months ago Iran offered the IAEA full access to all of Iran's nuclear sites and suspected nuclear sites. This offer was flatly rejected by America's Condeleeza Rice, speaking on behalf of a Security Council Veto holding state. However, this offer was basically what is being demanded of Iran right now by the Security Council (aside from the manufactured issue of Suspension) in their recent resolution on Iran.

The resolution by the Security council refers to a document released by the IAEA board of Governers from February 8, 2006, numbered Gov/2006/14. That IAEA resolution states "that Article IV of the Treaty on the Non Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons
stipulates that nothing in the Treaty shall be interpreted as affecting the inalienable rights of all the Parties to the Treaty to develop research, production and use of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes without discrimination and in conformity with Articles I and II of the Treaty," and each IAEA report (covered extensively in this blog) since then has reiterated the fact that "the Agency has not seen indications of diversion of nuclear material to nuclear weapons or other nuclear explosive devices."

It will be difficult for the Security Council to agree on any kind of sanctions what with the fact that Iran's right to develop enriched Uranium and Nuclear Power is protected by the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty, and there is no evidence of any nuclear weapons program in Iran.

Somehow, however, the US media and US public (including such liberal comedians as George Carlin, who on the Jay Leno show some weeks back stated bluntly that "now Iran has The Bomb") are convinced that Iran either has a Nuclear Weapons program, or has a Nuclear Bomb already.

Again, people are being too easily misled. Perhaps they don't realise that, instead of just believing what their Lying News Agencies tell them, they could check the firsthand sources instead, such as the IAEA News Center, Focus: Iran web page.


State Sponsors of Terror: Un-Democratic America

When studying history of the 20th century many people are perplexed as to how the population of germany could have been turned from otherwise rational and compassionate people into supporters of the Nazi murderers who had taken power in their country. Especially for those who have spent time in Germany, having met people who could well have been or be descendents of Nazi murderers, and wonder how this could happen to an otherwise nice person. If one ever wanted a case study of how such a thing could possibly happen, they need only look to America right now, and observe the unconditional support for murder and murderers by a large percentage of the population.

One of the reasons for this mind-control over the American population is that all rational coherent discussion is silenced by ignorance. When trying to explain to non-Americans how on earth Americans could be so easily brainwashed, I try to explain that any living organism is only aware of the world with which they are presented. Since September 11th, 2001, the U.S. media has been unwilling and unable to share basic truth with the population of America, much the same as the media in Germany, under the control of the Nazi government after executive orders expanding the power of the Nazi regime, presented only a pro-nazi view. As such, the population of America, blinded by ignorance, knows no better than to agree with the murderous policies carried out in their name.

Theoretically, in a democracy, a well-informed population would have their wishes represented by their democratically elected leaders. When the government of a "democracy" has pushed the situation to the point where there is no room for dissent, and where the representatives who are meant to be what in Europe would be termed the "loyal opposition" willingly go along with whatever is ordered of them by those they are meant to be opposing, then that nation ceases to be a democracy. For evidence of this we need only look to the near unanimous support for the Terrorist State of Israel in the American Democratic Party, and their support for the murderous invasion of Iraq. When only one point of view and one set of goals is represented in a government, that government is a dictatorship, not a democracy. Democracy in America is dead.

The American Dictatorship has been criticising Iran and Syria recently for their support of Hizballah, and this criticism has received much news coverage in the American Propaganda Media and Rupert "I sell cancer and promote murder" Murdoch's international media empire (Sky News, Reuters, Fox News, etc.), and also in the mainstream world media through their reliance on news wires such as reuters and AP (who are trying to compete with Reuters by echoing the same views and broadcasting the same stories and sources). This criticism is in line with the recent report by the US State Department regarding "State Sponsors of Terror" that asserted that Iran was the worlds leading state sponsor of terror. This is not true, although it was unconditionally accepted by "news" agencies such as CNN.

The truth is, the worlds Leading State Sponsor of Terror is America. We need look no further than the current situation in Lebanon and Palestine. In all of 3 weeks, the Israeli Military has killed over one thousand Lebanese civilians. They claim to be targeting Hizballah, but the reality is that less than 50 of the more than 1000 killed had any relation whatsoever to Hizballah, all the rest were ordinary men, women, and children, trying hard to live normal lives.

While the US-controlled media echos criticisms of Iran and Syria, they neglect to point out that planeloads of weapons and ammunition are, to this day, as we speak, flying from the U.S., re-fueling in British owned Scotland, and continuing on to Israel. These planeloads of weapons and ammunition are then turned over, for no cost, to the Israeli military. The dollars of U.S. taxpayers are being used to slaughter civilians by the thousands. This is the very definition of sponsoring terror.

Meanwhile, as the UN and Red Cross attempt to do what they can to evacuate civilians from southern Lebanon, their convoys are coming under attack by the IDF.

Just after the UN Security Council finally came to an agreement on the wording of a resolution calling for an end to the current Israeli Slaughter of Civilians (actually, I think their words were more along the lines of "conflict"), the Israeli Military increased, yet again, the scope of their attacks by more than 300%. Now that international pressure has been on them for 3 weeks, they realise that their murder cannot continue indefinitely (or can it?), and must step up the pace if they are to anihilate Lebanon and Palestine before they are forced to step their attacks down.

Americans are absolutely blind to the fact that the actions of the IDF, carried out with American weapons and American support, is going to increase recruitment for terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda. For America to get away with supporting murder on a large scale is sickening to rational people the world over, and especially those affected are going to channel their rage towards revenge against those they find responsible. The recently foiled bomb plot in England is only the beginning, and if U.S. policies don't change, it is logical to expect the threat of attacks on America and Britain to increase exponentially.

By sponsoring the Terrorist Regime of Israel, the U.S. government is betraying the legacy of the American founding fathers who called for a government that would not be destructive towards the ends of pursuing a safe and happy life. However, the ignorant Nazi-American population is too far removed from reality to be reached.

If the greatest threat to the world today is Terrorism (as asserted by the U.S. government and their mignions), then America and Israel are the greatest threats of all.
Among the weapons that evidence suggests are being used by Israel, that the U.S. is likely supplying to them, are items that are banned by international law and the Geneva conventions. These include depleted uranium shells and chemical weapons. This receives no coverage in the U.S. media. An ignorant population is easily blinded and led.
The words of British MP George Galloway come close to expressing the rage that is being felt by people the world over.