War or Peace?

The Human Race is unique in biological history as being the only species with the capability and idiocy to invent the phenominon of War. As such we are presented with a basic choice between War and Peace.

For most rational human beings the choice is an obvious one. What sane-minded person would knowingly choose war over peace? Who could possibly want to kill and die when any other option is available?

Apparently, the government of Israel and the United States are not comprised of rational sane-minded people. When given the opportunity to choose between War and Peace, they consistantly choose War.

As most news readers are aware, the leaders of the Hamas and Fatah factions of the Palestinian Authority hammered out an agreement in Mecca to stop months of vicious in-fighting. Israel and Americas immediate reaction to the new unity government is disturbing, though predictable.

From RTE News:

US agrees on boycott of unity govt: Olmert
Sunday, 18 February 2007 12:05

Israel's Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, has said Washington has agreed to boycott the proposed Palestinian unity government if it refuses to recognise Israel and renounce violence.

Mr Olmert said that Israel would not be co-operating with the new administration and that 'on this point we have an identical vision as the Americans and the conversation with President Bush proved it'.

The unity government was agreed earlier this month in Saudi Arabia by the Palestinian Authority President, Mahmad Abbas, and Hamas.

It is important to point out that the US and Israel constantly stress that Hamas refuses to renounce violence and recognise Israel, and that assertion is widely accepted in the news; however it is not entirely accurate. On multiple occasions all factions in Palestine have asserted that they would accept a "full cessation" of paramilitary activities and recognise the state of Israel within it's internationally recognised 1967 borders provided that it ceases all attacks on Palestine.

However, when given the options of either working for peace with a coalition in Palestine or continuing the bloody confrontation, Israel chooses the latter, and the US obediently agrees.

And we know how Israel likes to handle their bloody confrontations.


Trevor said...

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War or Palestinian Pieces?

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Anonymous said...

think you know stuff about israel or palestinians ? good or bad? let me tell you - you know nothing at all.

where are you all "human rights" people hiding while thousands of people are being slaughtered in syria for the last 3-4 months? children, woman, elders, what not! you didnt talk about it, didn't get too "emotional" about it, why ?

i'll tell you why- cause you don't give a damn while people about being murdered by the thousands in syria, all you care about is what "war crimes" israel is doing to the palestinians (which btw- don't leave on israeli land, israel provides them with electricity, water and food supplies- free of charge ! for years, all payed by israeli tax money... btw...yes...)

think you know stuff? think again.