"Al Qaeda Coming To End In Iraq" -U.S. Propaganda

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Al Qaeda Coming To End In Iraq


There is no source listed for this news story. Based on its complete and utter lack of any basis in Reality, I can only assume that it was authored by the U.S. State Department's Bureau of International Information Programs (quote from their site: "IIP informs, engages, and influences international audiences about U.S. policy and society to advance America's interests").

I have discussed in great detail in a recent post on Misneach Stories (WARNING: THE POST CONTAINS EXTREMELY GRAPHIC IMAGERY) how American policies are increasing the threat of terrorism. A news story such as this one is another blatant attempt to try to make things look much more positive than they are.

Another example of this phenomenon, just to give a recent example, is CNN's recent coverage of the state of Marial Law in Baghdad. * The Iraqi security forces have set up checkpoints at close intervals on every major street in and into/out of Baghdad, in addition to instituting a dusk curfew, and engaging in house to house raids that are supposedly aimed at "insurgents" or "suspected insurgents" or "finding insurgents" or "those who might become insurgents." CNN was able to find one man in Baghdad who was willing to say something along the lines of "maybe it will bring hope for peace and security" and then they used that statement as evidence that "things are looking up in Iraq" and that there is some (fictional) increase in morale among Iraqis. That, I must say, is the most illogical conclusion that could possibly have been drawn from the evidence.

The American Media is NOT doing their job when it comes to sharing factual information with the world. Based on the story at the top of this post, neither is European sources for news (this was yahoo.co.uk). An ignorant population is easily controlled by those in power: is America to become the new Nazi Germany? The indications that its heading that direction are disturbing at best.


* Regarding these security checkpoints, there was a recent news story that a car with a pregnant woman being driven to the hospital to give birth was fired upon by U.S. soldiers manning one of these checkpoints. According to reports, the checkpoint was not easily visible to drivers, but an American sniper opened fire on the vehicle anyhow for not stopping. The pregnant woman and the driver were pronounced dead at the scene.


Fatima said...

I read this article about how things are supposedly getting better already after the new security measures (the article was out the second day of teh new measures). Personally, i heard more explosions on the first day of the new measures, than i have heard in a while. so, yah, i was wondering about this 'optimism.'

misneach said...

I could understand why people would be desparate for positive news, but to make such an assertion is to ignore the facts; I was always led to believe that the media is supposed to present facts, not ignore them.