Just a Small Child...

Truth About Iraqis: More children killed in Iraq after US raids

This is the effect America is having on Iraq.
Yes, you are seeing it correctly, the child's skull is split open.
Is human life worth nothing anymore?


REB 84 said...

This is a very disturbing image. My son is 4 years old, not too far removed from the little child in this picture.

Yet, as disturbing as this image is, What I think is more disturbing is that we have not seen any of this "collateral damage" on the evening news. I know, these are not dead Americans.

If we have a conscience, this picture will stick in our minds longer that any numbers. Even the ones we chose to ignore) Iraq Body Count

Pay Attention
ask questions
Speak Up!

misneach said...

It is disturbing, and absolutely heartbreaking. Americans are being completely kept in the dark about things like this; I believe that most americans, were they aware of the kind of damage being done (like this) would be more than likely to speak out against it, but we are all being kept silent through ignorance.

The poor child.