American Defensiveness: without an opposing argument.

This is the kind of response you get from neo-con-supporting Americans when you assert that American policies are engendering the kind of anger and resentment that leads to people turning to "extremism" as an avenue for the release of their anger.

(By the way, I made these assertions because I feel betrayed by the American government, and I feel that all people of the world who value human life, and were heartbroken by the events of 9/11, have been betrayed by them as well.)

The response (the one I liked the most):


If you will kindly provide your GPS coordinates, the United States government will be happy to respond to your concerns. Trust us, you will have no worries after we do so.Thank you for your attention to this matter, and do not hesitate to contact us again if you have any further questions. (Just post to this blog. We have your IP address and will take it from there.)

CIA Email Homepage 06.17.06 - 10:58 am #

People are funny.


REB 84 said...


I just posted your QuestionItNow Specter comment on Conyers ConyersBlog.US

See #6

Cartledge said...

They are out there, and no mistake.
What gets me is the total lack of coherent discussion. Simply threat and villification.
The attitude these people like to adopt, of US policy being no-one elses business is odd given the neo-con perchant for foreign adventures.

misneach said...

Later, on that post thread that I sampled a response to above, one of the individuals who wasn't trying to pretend they were someone else (from the CIA) said the following.

[I had said "Is individual thought terrorism now?"]

The response:
"Only if you are a mouthpiece of propaganda for the terrorists."

This is indicative of the similarities mentioned before between the Germany of the 1930s and the America of today. In germany, dissenters were Silenced after being labeled Communists. It's the same thing today from America, only the new label is "terrorist." I do not support the murder of civilians (by ANYONE for ANY justification) but yet people insinuate I'm a "mouthpiece" for the terrorists because I disagree with the pervailing mentality in Washington and with those that agree with them (basically KILL KILL KILL).

REB, thank you for that, I just feel a little silly as its just sending people back to here... I should have just answered the question then and there...
It is an immense compliment that you view my arguments with sufficiently high regard as to reference them in other venues. For that I thank you.


Lack of coherent discussion is an appropriate way of describing the situation. I also think the response (childish as it was) was also an indication of the pervailing mentality of many (though not all!) Americans: bomb bomb bomb! Kill kill kill! That will make everything better!