Now, more than ever, America is finding itself alone in the world. With a population blinded by a media censored for "National Security" reasons and trained to pass along official government statements as "News" in a truly dictatorial fashion, the not-so-Duly-Elected government is fairly rapidly removing personal freedoms and doing away with social welfare and retirement benefits while alienating allies and strengthening the resolve of- and recruitment for- terror groups who would seek to attack America.

The Bush administration's "petri dish" for testing the National Security Strategy of 2002 has plummeted into a civil war, with thousands of civilians dead in the last month alone, and even brainwashed Democrats are surprised that their specifically chosen and installed "democratic" government is echoing the views of every other country on the planet condemning Israel's murderous incursions into Lebanon.

International leaders will be meeting in Rome to discuss deployment of international Peacekeepers into southern Lebanon, with or without American and Israeli support.

Russia, once subsurvient to Washington's demands, is starting to break free of America's stranglehold. Recent comments by Russian officials criticising American policies, such as the statement that "a hysterical atmosphere was being artificially created and a political environment that was favorable for launching a process of overthrowing legally constituted governments was being formed" and, scoffing at remarks by Bush saying Russia should institute a democracy more similar to that of Iraq, Putin replied “We of course don’t want to have a democracy like the one in Iraq.” This was an obvious reference to the un-democratic nature of the elections held in Iraq, wherein all of the choices in the election had been hand picked by the U.S. government; by definition undemocratic.

The American Constitution, once lauded as the best system of governance on the planet, is being ignored and marginalised by the government's Executive branch. The following story ran yesterday in The Guardian newspaper in the U.K.:

Leading lawyers say Bush creates loopholes in laws he doesn't like

Julian Borger in Washington
Tuesday July 25, 2006
The Guardian

President George Bush's practice of writing exceptions to legislation as he signs it into law represents a violation of the constitution and a danger to democracy, America's leading lawyers alleged yesterday.

The American Bar Association, an independent lawyers' organisation, issued a report on President Bush's prolific use of "signing statements" and found he was using them to create unconstitutional loopholes to laws passed by Congress.

The ABA found that the president used signing statements to make more than 800 challenges to congressional legislation, 200 more than all previous US presidents put together. Signing statements have been issued since the nation's founding but they have traditionally served a ceremonial function, extolling the virtues of the legislation just signed.

Mr Bush has used the statements to distance himself from the laws he signs rather than veto them outright. A veto can be overruled by Congress but the legislature has so far been powerless to make the White House enforce provisions the president does not like.

For example, in signing a bill last year banning the use of torture by American personnel, the president wrote that the executive branch would "construe" the legislation "in a manner consistent" with the president's powers and "the constitutional limitations on the judicial power". In other words the president would not enforce the law if it conflicted with his authority as commander-in-chief to pursue his "war on terror" as he saw fit.

"This report raises serious concerns crucial to the survival of our democracy," the ABA's president, Michael Greco, said. "If left unchecked, the president's practice does grave harm to the separation of powers doctrine, and the system of checks and balances that have sustained our democracy for more than two centuries."

Asked about the report yesterday, the White House spokesman, Tony Snow, said: "The president does not have the luxury of practising civil disobedience. The laws that have been enacted must be executed by the government. A great many of those signing statements may have little statements about questions about constitutionality. It never says, 'We're not going to enact the law.'"

The justice department has denied that Mr Bush's use of signing statements has gone significantly beyond previous presidents. However, the Bush administration subscribes to a constitutional theory known as the "unitary executive". It stipulates that under the constitution, the president has supreme control over all executive branches of government and that Congress has very limited power to divest him of that authority.

The ABA report found that the administration's interpretation of the "unitary executive" theory violated the constitution's strictures on the separation of powers, that were "essential to the preservation of liberty".

"The constitution thus limits the president's role in the lawmaking process to the recommendation of laws he thinks wise and the vetoing of laws he thinks unwise," it said.

The president's attempts to gain the power to issue "line item vetoes" against individual provisions within congressional bills, have been rebuffed by Congress. The ABA called on Congress to pass a bill allowing signing statements to be challenged in the courts.

However, the American public is completely unaware of the worsening state of the nation, choosing instead to stay in their dreamworld rather than face harsh realities.

Ignorance is bliss I suppose.
Thank you to Truth About Iraqis for the beginning graphic.


Cartledge said...

It is bloody sad that American's are essentially blind to the world beyond their borders.
I notice more in my regular circle are now referring to ‘foreign’ press for a fuller picture, but it is not a general trend.
I guess it has always been a culture trapped in emotive propaganda. Which is fine until it starts impacting on the rest of the world, which it invariably does.

Halla said...

Bush and his cohorts are so clueless and ignorant! He has set the foreign policy back to the dark ages so badly that this world is in deeper sh*t than it ever has been. Their attack on terrorism has bred more. They think they can be a mediator for peace in the middle east when they are clearly biased, they can't even bring the people that are involved to the table for a discussion! They are an embarrassing bunch! Get rid of Condi and bring Bill Clinton or Jimmy Carter in to facilitate a ceasefire or the beginings of peace.

misneach said...

I can't believe it.

Americans are so completely brainwashed that, now, right at this moment, there are Americans arguing that Israel's murderous policies are justified.

I don't understand. Murder by Hizballah: wrong (of course).
But murder by Israel: okay.


I don't think the current US administration will mediate peace for anyone. Period. They seem to love war too much. You can tell that none of the US Government representatives have friends or close family in the armed forces or who live in zones affected by their wanton destruction.

In the words of the IAEA, "for the purpose of confidence to be built in the international community," the US needs to get un-involved in world affairs, as they've proven themselves to be more of a danger to the world than anything else.

Perhaps there are other nations that could step up and take the lead in securing peace and security for all of us.

The UN could do it, minus the U.S.'s veto.