Human Life

This is one of the many disturbing images brought to you by the Israeli Defence Forces in their ferocious attacks on civilians in Lebanon and Palestine. The picture above is what happened to a family fleeing the southern Lebanese village of Tel Afra when they encountered the IDF.

My philosophy on the subject is very simple. Human life has value. Murder is murder regardless of the justification given for it. Wether it is committed by Hizballah, Hamas, Israel, America, Al Qaeda, The IRA, or Somali Warlords, murder is still murder.

And murder is wrong.



misneach said...

From UrukNet, authored by "The Angry Arab News Service"

The American Left and the Middle East: The Case of the Nation Magazine, II
The Angry Arab News Service

JUly 16, 2006

The American Left and the Middle East: The Case of the Nation Magazine, II. This was bound to happen. I was just waiting for this. Wake up the children, and free the pigs from the barn. The Nation magazine has spoken. Oh, ya.

The Nation magazine is mouthing off on the Middle East. Let us see. First, they talk about "the spreading of violence in Lebanon and Gaza." Spreading? Is this a disease or a flue? No, o Nation magazine. Israel is bombing and occupying in both cases. Violence is not naturally and blamelessly spreading, ok? And then it talks about Israel's doctrine of "absolute security." Security? As soon as you invoke security in Western discourse on the Middle East, you know that the person is standing solidly behind Israeli bombings, the Nation is no exception. Notice that the word security is only exclusively reserved for the Jews, and not for the Arabs, which only underlines the fundamentally racist premise of the Western leftist attitude toward the Arab-Israeli conflict, not to mention the rest in the West.

...it continues...

misneach said...

Israel is threatening "preemptive" strikes on Syria, a close ally of Iran. That would bring both of those countries into the conflict, which could then logically involve China or Russia, and more than likely the U.S.

Is a large war really what the world needs?

I guess to do away with the threat of global warming, the powers-that-be have just decided to euthanise our species.

If it wasn't so early, I'd go for a tequila about now....