Torture Awareness and Richard Tomlinson vs. MI6

Many weeks ago, an inspired activist by the name of Elendil started putting together a group of bloggers to highlight Amnesty International's "Torture Awareness Month" in June. At the beginning I think there was about 10 of us who signed on, and by the end the blogroll was pages long (just have a look at my sidebar).

A blogger has decided to attempt to raise money for Amnesty International's campaign by blogging for 24 hours straight. You can support him by clicking the link below.

I recently received the following email regarding the campaign:
Hi everyone

Thank you so much for your recent support of Bloggers Against Torture.
Torture Awareness Month may be over, but action against torture
continues. One of our bloggers, Heathlander, has generously
volunteered to go 24 hours without sleep -- blogging continuously the
whole time -- to raise money for Amnesty International USA. It's all
part of Blogathon 2006 (http://www.blogathon.org/), which will be held
across the globe on 29th July.

Would you like to help us out? Here's some things that you can do:

- Join Heathlander and stay up with him for 24 hours of continuous blogging!

If you'd like to help Heathlander stay awake and write posts, leave
a message here.

We're eager to get a small team together to share the load. If you
join up, we'll send you keys to the central blog, and the opportunity
to use your blogging skills for a good cause.

- Sponsor us in the Blogathon

I know it's unseemly to ask for money, so I've put $500 down to get
things started. If you can spare it, even just a few dollars, it will
work towards fighting for this serious issue. Every bit counts, and
generous donor blogs will be acknowledged.

- Let your readers know about our Blogathon

Thanks to your Torture Awareness Month posts, your readers now know
how serious human rights abuse is and their responsibilities towards
it. The enormity of the issue can leave one despondent, but this gives
everyone an opportunity to do something practical. Again, every bit
counts. Your voice can make all the difference.

For Torture Awareness Month we had great turn out with over 200
members joining, and several members participating in the action
activities sponsored by the NGOs. Most pleasing was the high quality
of thoughtful and passionate blog entries denouncing torture. Whether
your blog is big or small, each voice counts towards correcting public
opinion and returning our society back to its true course. Please
consider continuing this work by supporting the Bloggers Against
Torture Blogathon.

Kind Regards,

For you bloggers out there, the blog Rummy's Diaries is full of useful information for the fight against torture.


There have been recent news reports regarding a blog by a former agent of MI6 (Britain's version of the CIA, whom the fictional James Bond was meant to work for) that was troubling to the British Government due to a fear of leaks of intelligence.

The Blog is:

Tomlinson vs. MI6

Recently he was said to have supplied an aerial photograph of an Mi6 training camp, he was accused of releasing a list of MI6 agents worldwide (to a website called Cryptome.org), he has had his belongings confiscated, his friend's computer confiscated, and so on.

Perhaps he might be able to provide some information about MI6 agents operating in Iraq and Iran...


elendil said...

Thank you Misneach. Right now we're eager to spread the word so we can round up more sponsors. Thanks for posting about it.

The Heretical Jew said...

Hey can you send me the HTML for that link graphic ... for the Blogathon please

I would be most gratefull