Qana Massacre

The assertion by the American media that Condeleeza Rice is working on an immediate ceasefire is false. The statement is qualified by an assertion that the ceasefire must be a "lasting" one, as in Lebanon must give in to all of Israel's demands. This is, by the way, the very definition of terrorism, the use of violence as a means of coercion.

This stalling is having disasterous effects. With American support, Ehud Olmert says they will continue to "act without hesitation" in their attacks. And the effects of this are dangerous for much civilian life.

Just yesterday, an Israeli airstrike on a building in Qana, Lebanon, killed a minimum of 50 civilians, at least 34 of which were children.

An exerpt from the BBC News story on the subject:

Reporters spoke of survivors screaming in grief and anger, as some scrabbled through the debris with bare hands.

"We want this to stop," a villager shouted.

"May God have mercy on the children. They came here to escape the fighting."

Rescuers found the experience too much to cope with.

Our correspondent saw a Red Cross rescue worker sitting in the sunshine just sobbing, overcome with emotion.

Kofi Annan stated that if international action was not taken immediately it might undermine the very existance of the UN. His words:
“The authority and standing of this Council are at stake. People have noticed its failure to act firmly and quickly during this crisis,” “For the sake of the people of the region and of this Organization, I urge you to act, and to act now.”

He also noted that the tragedy “has, rightly, provoked moral outrage throughout the world."

Yet America, weilding it's Security Council Veto like a weapon, holds the world at bay, and allows no action to be taken that might save lives.

Meanwhile, the American Media is being kept quiet on the matter, and neo-cons are effectively controlling the discourse on the subject in America so as to suppress any kind of realistic discussion.

May God Have Mercy on Americans, for they know not what they do.

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Anonymous said...

While there is the obvious slanted point of view ala the New York Times, little is heard about the other side. CNN International reports from there, but merely to have their reporters in the crossfire and in the more dangerous areas for an illusion. TV coverage centers around the plight of the Israelis, you know plight as in, F-16s & the most well trained air force pilots in the world, satellites, drones, and sheer overwhelming force thanks to the US. Despite repeated claims by the Israelis that they don't need anyones help, the UK and the US are still there helping (helping, as in not restraining) for no reason. Israel knows Lebanon very well having been there for 18+ years during one of their many occupations around there, so there is no reason to be killing civilians and children, you know where the real dudes are. Stop using collateral damage to root out Hezzies. In this day and age, wouldn't it be possible to place a missile launcher on a rooftop on some unsuspecting civilians house and remotely fire it off a pot-shot via cellphone? Perhaps this is what is tricking up the IDF. (Defense force... makes me laugh. The Japanese Defense Force is actually a defense force. Israel should really change the name, we can all see through that one.) Anyway, keep up the good work homeboy. I've been busy trying to sell the business haven't had much time for much else. If you talk to your mom, tell her my bad for not making it out to see her when I was there... you know who was being you know what. It's all good. Talk with you soon buddy.