America has recently attacked Iran's statements that they may as well pull out of the NNPT (Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty) if the UN takes action against them for enriching uranium, as Iran being an abiding signatory to the NNPT is doing nothing for them.

(I should note, when I make such a statement, that there has been no evidence uncovered by the IAEA that Iran is pursuing any kind of nuclear weapons program, according to all of the related official IAEA documents. I should also note that the same UN Security Council Presidential Statement that urged Iran to reinstate its suspention of uranium enrichment "for the purpose of building confidence in the international community" also specifically stated, in no uncertain terms, that enriching uranium for the purpose of producing nuclear power is a right enshrined in the NNPT.)

As such, it is interesting to note that The Telegraph of Calcutta, India, has today noted that the U.S. is threatening to withdraw from UN nuclear agreements as well, and on much less pretext.

"Stephen Rademaker, the US assistant secretary of state for international security and non-proliferation, has said in Geneva after formally tabling a draft Fissile material Cut-off Treaty (FMCT) before the UN Conference on Disarmament (CD) that the Bush administration wants the treaty to be approved for signature by the international community “by the end of this year’s CD session”.

India now has to think long and hard before extending any support for the latest US non-proliferation initiative because Rademaker also issued a veiled threat at the CD to pull America out of this UN body unless its members were ready to toe the Bush administration’s line."

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The rest of the story is here.

How can americans be so blind as to the Hypocrisy of the rhetoric versus the actions of their "democratically elected" government?

Oh yeah, I forgot... they're brainwashed.

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misneach said...

America has lost it's priveledge of being involved (in any way) in international affairs.

To steal the words of the UN Security council, America needs to take drastic steps "to build confidence in the international community" in their ability to conduct themselves in a reasonable and moral manner.