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A just war? Hardly
by Noam Chomsky
May 9 2006
"SPURRED by these times of invasions and evasions, discussion of "just war" has had a renaissance among scholars and even among policy-makers.
Concepts aside, actions in the real world all too often reinforce the maxim of Thucydides that "The strong do as they can, while the weak suffer what they must" — which is not only indisputably unjust, but at the present stage of human civilisation, a literal threat to the survival of the species."...


Also from Khaleej:

Bush and the 'flip-flop'
By Mohammed A. R. Galadari
19 May 2006

"BY SIGNING an order to restore normal diplomatic relations with Libya, the Bush Administration has, if anything strengthened the impression that it is being flippant when it comes to policy matters."

from the Khaleej times,

The restoration of normal relations with Libya was timed to perfectly coincide with a speech given by GW regarding immigration and (1)building a wall on the U.S./Mexico border, and (2)using National Guard troops to patrol the border. This immigration topic has once again been put up by the Administration to distract people from other, far more dangerous issues that they are hoping will pass by unnoticed.
I wrote a small bit about the Bush immigration smokescreen speech on , attached to an article regarding the wall and available for perusal here, under the title "walls".

Another interesting article regarding the "Iraqi Resistance" that was brought to my mind when reading some recent comments on and thinking back to my own posting from this blog, unrelated to the story in The Asia Times that is below.
This story recently went up on the Asia Times:

The Iraqi resistance: 'Why we fight'
By Brian Conley and Muhammad Zaher
"BAGHDAD - Call them terrorists, call them resistance fighters. By whatever their name, they have their own reasons for fighting the Americans in Iraq. Abu Ayoub, a 35-year-old living in Baghdad, is a member of the Islamic Army. He spoke in the Adhamiya neighborhood about why he joined the fight..."

the rest of this story is available .

This story was not written by the Blog Author, but rather by Brian Conley and Muhammad Zaher, writers for The Asia Times. The Blog Author cannot claim any responsibility for the content of the article. Its presentation here is strictly to bring attention to it from people who do not normally frequent the website of The Asia Times. I (the blog author) sincerely apologize for any misunderstanding.


My brain has been about turned to mush by CNN recently with their neverending coverage of the "Immigration" issue from the U.S. They are meant to be a worldwide news agency, and the news we get here is supposed to be their non-U.S. version, yet all they seem to talk about is this contrived issue that has little or no bearing on much greater issues facing the world. They barely mentioned the imposition of against Venezuela by the U.S., strictly because had the gall to criticise Bush, but instead follow this contrived "immigration" issue like it's the be-all and end-all of our existance. Come on people, there's alot more going on than this.

Bush now claims that Libya (LIBYA!) is "one of the good guys" in the world because they "renounced terror." Somehow, the fact that the Hamas government in Palestine renounced "terror in all its forms" but is still under the gun (so to speak) from the American regime... doesn't get mentioned! Ain't the western media great?

For alternative WORLDWIDE news sources, try going to Misneach Homepage and clicking on "news" link at the top.
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