Talking About Iraq: Slowing down the democratization process

On the topic of "democracy" (as opposed to real representative democracy) it's sad that everywhere one turns there are powerful forces at work trying to put an end to any notion of true democracy, yet simultaneously professing to be spreading "democracy." The American government, for example, is not really a representative democracy for a number of reasons, just one being how there are only 2 choices in major elections; only 2 choices could never possibly reflect even a small percentage of the wishes of a very diverse country.
Another example is the current "democratic" (if you believe the western media) government in Iraq, referred to so affectionately as "the puppets" by the famous Riverbend. I don't profess to know as much about Iraqi elections as I would like, but based on my understanding a number of secular ex-pats who hadn't been in Iraq in ages were brought together by the occupying forces (sorry, the "coalition") to be the choices in the election. Choosing between such people, none of whom would have the best interests of the Iraqi population at heart, is not really a choice at all, and not in any stretch of the imagination what could be termed "democracy."
We must also remember the 1953 American-sponsored coup in Iran that did away with their Democratically elected government in favor of a monarchy that was more receptive to American demands (give us your oil!). That monarchy was what paved the way for the 1979 revolution that brought about the current regime that the west is all up-in-arms about, I wish they would look in the mirror before trying to always blame everyone else.

Even in the "most democratic" (supposedly) of places in the west, regardless of the lies they are saying about wanting democracy, they have absolutly no support for any real democracy, as that's not what's in their best interests.Average citizens of any country don't want to hand over everything they have to some foreigners, so in the eyes of those same foreigners any real democracy (that would reflect the wishes of the people) is a threat to their interests.

The saddest part of all of this though, in my eyes, (other than the countless slaughtered civilians) is the fact that there are so many people who actually believe that any of this has anything to do with actually bringing any real democracy. I think it has to do alot with the "truth" that's shoved down our throats on a constant basis by those whose interests are served by hindering democracy.

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Talking About Iraq: Slowing down the democratization process

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