"Nazi Arm Bands"

The Recent Hype about Iran requiring Religious Minorities to wear color-coded armbands, which was fabricated, but yet was latched onto by the western neo-cons as part of their propaganda push.

c/o News Favorite The Asia Times

Yellow journalism and chicken hawks
A report by a prominent neo-conservative journalist, Iranian-American Amir Taheri, asserting that Iranian authorities plan to make non-Muslims wear colored insignia marking them as such - with yellow for Jews, just as in Nazi Germany - has been happily picked up by various mainstream publications. The story has been widely rubbished, but it refuses to die. - Jim Lobe

Click here for the original article, "A color code for Iran's 'infidels'" (which has not been withdrawn by Benador Associates, the neo-con PR outfit for which Taheri writes).

Amir Taheri addresses 'queries'

"On color schemes, however, there seems to be consensus ... Religious minorities would have their own color schemes. They will also have to wear special insignia ... Jews would be marked out with a yellow strip of cloth ..."

This, Amir Taheri says in response to his critics, is just his "opinion", and anyone who thinks otherwise is "jumping the gun". Now he tells us.

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