Reuters using Yahoo to push US Government Propaganda

Yeah, you heard me. I honestly believe that those who control our "news" supply in the west give us ABSOLUTELY NO CREDIT FOR INTELLIGENCE. This is what greeted me when I went to today:

"Abu Musab al-Zarqawi (L), leader of al Qaeda in Iraq, is seen in this video footage obtained by the Pentagon and released on May 4, 2006. Zarqawi fires machine gun in the footage which the Pentagon says is an unedited copy of a video Zarqawi released last week.
REUTERS/Department of Defense/Handout"

REUTERS DEPARTMENT OF DEFENCE HANDOUT?!?!?!?! What is wrong with you people?!?!?! This isn't news this is propaganda, how the fuck can you call yourselves providers of news?!?!?!?!?!

When Stalin took control of Russia through forced-socialist revolution, all news media bodies were seized by the government and turned into venues for government Propaganda. When Adolf Hitler came to power in Germany in the 1930s, all of the german media outlets were also one by one turned into propaganda providers for the Reich or were shut down. It is absolutely pathetic that western "news media" sources are no different today than German media sources were when Hitler took power, or the state run news agencies of Communist Russia.

I get more objective news from Xinhua (the Chinese government-run news outlet) than I get from yahoo and reuters. How sad is that.


Anonymous said...

Reuters doesn't support US, no way and don't worry. It's tagging that yahoo use now. Yahoo are the main culprits, but they have no news crews, so use all wire services. Beware AP, AFP, Getty Images, they are de facto US govt sites

misneach said...

Thanks for that. For more of my research into media ownership-based bias have a look at A little more about the American Media on my Misneach Stories blog.

I think it's only fair that I post Yahoo's response to my angry complaint about their Nazi-esque propaganda dissemination using defence handouts as news:


Thank you for writing to Yahoo! News.

Thank you for your comments and suggestions. We are always looking for
ways to make Yahoo! News more useful and enjoyable to our users, and we
will be sure to keep your comments in mind as we continue to make
improvements to our service.

Yahoo! strives to provide complete and balanced coverage of all news
events. Our content sources vary by subject (World, Entertainment,
Sports, etc.). Reuters and the Associated Press provide news in almost
all categories on our site. They represent the majority of our daily
story volume, but we also have many other providers.

Please note that Yahoo! News does not write or edit any of the news on
our site. If you have comments about the tone, angle, accuracy, or
coverage of a story, please address them to the news provider directly.

To identify the provider of a story, look at the upper-right corner of
the page where you read the story. You'll see a graphic identifying the
provider. A list of contact email addresses or web site links for all
our news providers is at:


Thank you again for contacting Yahoo! Customer Care.



Yahoo! Customer Care

For assistance with all Yahoo! services, please visit:


I would like to believe they would actually "keep [my] comments in mind" as they "improve" their services, but I doubt that they have the desire to set up any kind of propaganda (down with the IIP!!) filters for their news. As such, I'm forced to not use their news service in favor of my own international news sources.