America: Immigration vs. Destruction

Stated so eloquently by Michael Reese on "Sports and Politics"
Okay, all you guys and gals who had ancestors that did not have Green Cards on the Nina, Pinta and the Santa Maria, get out of our Country NOW!

Interesting that the Bush Administration has been able to draw the "immigration" issue into the forefront of the American consciousness while simultaneously the visit by Chinese premier Hu Juntao is pushed to the middle (unread) section of the newspapers. In fairness, there is NO American citizen whose ancestors were the rightful owners of the land that comprises the United States (I make such a bold statement based on the fact that Native Americans are not actually considered American Citizens), so it's a bit hypocritical of ANYONE in the U.S. to be making such a big issue of "illegal" immigration.
The logic behind pushing this issue to the forefront of the current political discourse in america is well demonstrated by a (right wing conservative!) economic analyst for Bloomberg who made some startling observations about the American workforce on Bloomberg news this week.
He stated that the number of people under-employed or un-employed in rural china exceeds 150Million, while the ENTIRE MANUFACTURING WORKFORCE of western europe AND the united states COMBINED is roughly 80Million people. His (logical) premise was that America AND Europe could lose ALL of their manufacturing jobs to China and China would STILL have loads of room for growth. This brings us to the state/non-state visit by Chinese Premier Hu Juntao this week.

American news (which for some strange reason is also broadcast on certain foreign channels as well) has been consistenly pointing out that the Chinese Premier made NO CONCESSIONS as far as the US/China IMMENSE trade deficit, but that's not entirely accurate.

He DID offer to take steps to level out the disparity between exports to america and imports from america (america, for those of you not up to date, imports a far far larger number of chinese goods than exports goods to china) and also offered to take steps to crack down on copyright infringement of American products in china, but only on the condition that America make some important concessions of their own. These requests were refused as quickly as they were made.

Among them:

  • America needs to allow the UNITED NATIONS to take the lead in international issues, security issues, dealing with threats to world peace, etc.
  • America needs to stick to the obligations they made when they signed on to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, wherein all Nuclear armed countries agreed to discontinue creation of additional Nuclear Warheads and also agreed to NOT sell/give nuclear weapons to other countries, etc.
  • America needs to USE DIPLOMATIC MEANS TO SETTLE THE NUCLEAR SITUATION IN IRAN. He was very specific when he said this, and even paused when he mentioned Nuclear Situation; he did not say Iranian nuclear threat, nor nuclear power situation, nor uranium enrichment conundrum, he specifically called it a Nuclear Situation. Lets not forget that Bush has not ruled out using Nuclear Weapons against Iran, and that China has VERY close economic ties with Iran, and as such would (logically) seek to protect their assets and economic interests: NUCLEAR SITUATION is a very ominous statement to make by the worlds #2 superpower to the worlds most dangerous regime.

It is also important to note that countless (I honestly lost count at like 10) times he reiterated Chinas commitment to World Peace. So these days the communists are more commited to peace than their "moral" (fucking newsweek calls Bush's murderous agression a quest to spread morality, yet try to call themselves objective news) American counterparts.

Lets also remember the issue of the DULY ELECTED PALESTINIAN GOVERNMENT, which most of the world (INCLUDING CHINA) recognizes due to the fair nature of the elections, but which america (which professes to be scouring the world for opportunities to advance the cause of "freedom and democracy") refuses to recognize. Its kind've funny that people genuinely believe in the moral nature of the "american quest to bring democracy" but yet don't see the disconnect when america fails to recognize a democratically elected government due strictly to the fact that their views are not in line with those of the ruling elite in washington. (Can you hear the starving palestinian children laughing?)

Yet the american press is pre-occupied with the CIA press-leak story, the New Orleans mayoral election, and the fucking Miss USA pageant.

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