Recent Noam Chomsky Article

New Noam Chomsky article that is not yet available on

Important Points:

"Here are a few simple suggestions for the US:

1. Accept the jurisdiction of the International Criminal

Court and the World Court;

2. Sign and carry forward the Kyoto protocols;

3. Let the UN take the lead in international crises;

4. Rely on diplomatic and economic measures

rather than military ones in confronting the grave threats of terror;

5. Keep to the traditional interpretation of the UN Charter:

The use of force is legitimate only when ordered
by the Security Council or when the country is
under imminent threat of attack, in accord with Article 51;

6. Give up the Security Council veto, and have

"a decent respect for the opinion of mankind," as the
Declaration of Independence advises,
even if power centres disagree;

7. Cut back sharply on military spending and sharply

increase social spending: health, education,
renewable energy and so on.

For people who believe in democracy,

these are very conservative suggestions:
They appear to be the opinions of the majority
of the US population, in most cases the
overwhelming majority. They are in radical
opposition to public policy; in most cases,
to a bipartisan consensus. "

See? It's not just about pointing out problems,
we bloggers offer solutions as well.

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