Conspicuously Absent from Western Media

There was a HUGE STORY that broke from Beijing early this morning that's been conspicuously absent from the western media, I can't find even a reference to it on yahoo or google news but it is (I think) going to have a HUGE impact on the current international relations dynamic.

Background wise America has been trying to court India into it's corner with offers of important Nuclear technology, and of course everyone is aware of the war of words between the U.S. and Iran recently, but China has trumped the U.S. diplomats by announcing (on the eve of a state visit to Washington) that Mongolia, PAKISTAN, INDIA, AND IRAN will all be joining an energy cooperative with China and Russia.
Yes folks you heard right and you heard it here first, China + Russia + Iran (not to mention India AND Pakistan, surprising as they've been fighting with each other over Kashmir for ages)(and that will really throw a wrench into the U.S.'s plans as they've been trying so hard to court India that they went so far as to have Henry Kissinger write propaganda op-ed's in the Khaleej Times) = DANGEROUS TIMES (see, for reference, my listings on Nuclear Chess, and see also Noam Chomsky (chomsky.info) articles relating to "new world order" and Dangerous Times.). I was wondering why all of a sudden Iran was basically saying to the U.S. "bring it on" but now I'm gettin the impression that this deal has been in the works for some time.

All this on the eve of what the Chinese government is calling a "State Visit" to Washington but that Bush is dismissively describing as just a visit.

Sadly the bush administration is trying it's best to push the world into Nuclear War, what with his statements (TODAY) when asked if preventive (not pre-emptive, preventive is the jargon used today; preemptive strikes fall within the boundries of international law, PREVENTIVE strikes do not) Nuclear Strikes were in the works against Iran, he responded by saying "all options are on the table."

Just to re-cap, the U.S. is threatening NUCLEAR STRIKES against a country that is ENTERING a cooperation package with RUSSIA and CHINA and INDIA and PAKISTAN (all nuclear armed countries), but this somehow DOESN'T WARRANT WESTERN PRESS COVERAGE?!?!?!?!?!?!?! They seem to be too busy doing their part in the anti-Iran-Nuclear Propaganda Campaign, instead running a story about the Chernobyl Death Toll in the Associated Press.

The looming war that could escalate into a full fledged Nuclear showdown doesn't warrant news coverage. Does this not worry anyone else?

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