I came across a post with a very disturbing link to a website that I have seen before and, up until now, thought fairly highly of.

"A friend informs me that
An American web site (CafePress) is offering T-shirts, baby clothes, mugs and teddy bears with "Nuke Iran" logos. If you have the time, please write to them and tell them what you think...This is particularly distressing. I think we need to act to stop such ugly displays. It doesn't matter what you think of the Iranian nuclear crisis and/or the American response. It is beyond question that 'nuking' by the US is both a terrible strategic mistake and a humanitarian disaster."

The idea that anyone in this day and age could in their right mind be advocating (or, in the case of CafePress, be providing a venue for the advocation of) use of the most dangerous and deadly of WMD, which has historically caused the deaths of millions of people, is absolutely appalling. I urge anyone who might come across this post to please, make your voice heard, I genuinely hope that nobody who may come across this blog would possibly have the lack of moral character so deep as to not want to make their voice heard on this topic.
To contact cafe press about their willingness to disseminate hateful and inhumane rhetoric either use their own feedback form here or email them to info@cafepress.com or pr@cafepress.com or perhaps someone might know a more specific email address to contact.

The post that I came across that brought this to my attention is here.

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misneach said...

Those items are still available on cafe press, and their response to me was just "thanks for your feedback!"

I think I'm going to print up t-shirts that say "Nuke 'Em!" with a picture of a big mushroom cloud over a map of the United States, and we'll see how long it takes for me to get sent off to Guantanamo.