Lies, Nuclear Chess, and George Orwell

Every day it is painfully obvious that the American leaders are so out of touch with reality that their words and actions could be based on an inept bad-guy from a third rate fictional crime thriller. It's even more obvious that human lives have no meaning to an administration that is more concerned with what their stock options will be worth when they leave office. The sad part is that, not only are they putting their own people in danger by drastically increasing the threat of terrorist attacks on their soil, but they are putting innocent people ALL OVER THE WORLD in danger; and lying CONSTANTLY to EVERYONE. I cannot express in words (well, maybe I can) the sorrow that good hearted well informed people throughout the world feel for the unnecessary slaughter of countless thousands of civilians, and I must confess also how much I genuinely pity the american people who are assaulted constantly by the administration's and who honestly don't know what's going on in the world. Really, they just don't know any better, like small children who haven't been told that their parents are getting a divorce, they just don't know and they've never been encouraged to ask questions.
A: They honestly don't know any better and are too to change.
Let's take what Disney's would call "a closer look." First, the dangerous game of Nuclear Chess that's being played between The U.S., Iran, India, Russia, and China, while the lives of the worlds population hang in the balance. In recent weeks bush made his way to India to work out a deal wherein the U.S. will supply parts for nuclear reactors and refinement technology to india in return for closer ties, as america is quite afraid of how close India and China are becoming these days. Ok, first of all, India DOES have nuclear weapons and are VERY MUCH AT ODDS with one of america's "close allies in the war on terror" (george bush's words) Pakistan (a military dictatorship with a human rights record that's not exactly the best in the world). So america is basically assisting a country they should logically (the enemy of my friend is my enemy) be working against, but yet somehow don't see this as a double standard as far as Iran announcing that they had successfully enriched a MINISCULE AMOUNT of uranium for the purpose of using in a nuclear power plant (they know where the money is: selling oil; they don't want to waste a product they can make alot of money selling on providing electricity to their people when they could produce more electricity in a nuclear power plant) and america wanting to use that as an excuse to attack them.
Enter (China and) Russia:
China supplies arms and technology to Iran in return for crude oil. We'll get back to them in a second. Russia has built (/is building) a nuclear reactor in Iran for the purpose of producing electricity. This reactor is russian owned and russian operated; the disturbing thing is that it would be one of the first targets of american bombing in the event of an attack on Iran, which brings us to the bit that's awfully worrysome, and that is one of the factors (and just ONE OF) making this game of nuclear chess so dangerous-- Vladimir Putin has welcomed america's overt aggression as far as "ensuring uninhibited access to key markets" and announced on a number of different occasions that Russia (now a close american ally on the "war on terror," which is a concept straight out of George Orwells 1984 but we'll get to that later) would pursue the same policies. If Russia has publicly stated that they will not hesitate to use military force to protect their interests, and they will be making alot of money from an iranian nuclear reactor, does it not make logic sense that they will use military force to defend the Russian/Iranian plant? Putin came out last week saying that Iran's grand announcements that they had successfully enriched uranium were irresponsible and dangerous; but for whom? He has to understand that an American attack on Russian interests in Iran would inevitably lead to Russian deployment to protect those assets, and nuclear armed russia DOES NOT WANT a confrontation with trigger-happy nuclear armed america, and I honestly don't think that the average World Citizen (we are all citizens of the world) wants a repeat of the cuban missle crisis that BROUGHT THE WORLD TO THE BRINK OF DESTRUCTION. This is not liberal (being a European Moderate makes me an ultra left wing liberal by american standards) hype, this is fact; large scale nuclear war would bring about an end to our species.
Enter China.
To step back for a moment, lets bear in mind that The American People (YOU HAVE POWER IF YOU CHOOSE TO FUCKING USE IT!!!!) do not like long protracted costly wars, they want quick decisive victories. Although Iraq's military was quite weak (which The Insurgents, whom by U.S.A. ca. 1776 standards would have been called Freedom Fighters, have proved NOT to be), Iran's military IS NOT. Back to China.
China has been providing weapons to Iran in return for oil for quite a while. Described below in the Khaleej Times by Noam Chomsky, citing The Wall Street Journal:
" In January, the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz of Saudi Arabia visited Beijing, which is expected to lead to a Sino-Saudi memorandum of understanding calling for "increased cooperation and investment between the two countries in oil, natural gas and investment," The Wall Street Journal reports. Already, much of Iran's oil goes to China, and China is providing Iran with weapons that both states presumably regard as deterrent to US designs. India also has options. India may choose to be a US client, or it may prefer to join the more independent Asian bloc that is taking shape, with ever more ties to Middle East oil producers. Siddarth Varadarajan, deputy editor of The Hindu, observes that "if the 21st century is to be an 'Asian century,' Asia's passivity in the energy sector has to end." "
Back to elementary logic (American's don't begin to learn this until Secondary school, but we'll still call it elementary): If chinas economic interests are directly threatened by american aggression, would they not use whatever force is necessary to protect those interests, as China has repeatedly shown that they will not be bullied by america the way that many countries (including in europe, where the VAST majority of the people are wholeheartedly AGAINST america's colonialist aggression) constantly are? And does this bode well for the personal safety of every single individual on this planet to have the worlds superpowers playing a very dangerous game of Nuclear Chess where all of us are the pawns and the Kings are the very survival of our species?

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