Sanctions Regime

I recently read on the blog by Baghdad Treasure some obviously ignorant individual claiming that the US/EU withdrawl of support for Palestine was the West saying that they would not support the murder of innocents. That's asinine. First of all, withdrawl of aid coupled with a complete trade block on Palestine by Israel results in a humanitarian catastrophe of epic proportions, which is THE MURDER OF INNOCENTS. Secondly, America and Britain have been giving aid to Israel since 1948, and America especially has been providing huge amounts of military equipment, technology, and funding to the Israeli Defence Forces, which slaughter Palestinian civilians on a daily basis. Just last week, as described in my "even the BBC" entry, I briefly mentioned how, in the week prior to the recent bombing in tel aviv that took 9 lives, more than 20 civilians had been killed by the IDF in palestine in raids. That was just in the week before the Tel Aviv bombing, NOT INCLUDING Israel's military reaction to the bombing (more dead civilians). Yet people honestly believe in the richeousness of withdrawing much needed aid to Palestine, while their governments are STILL giving aid to Israel that is used to assist in the slaughter of Palestinian men, women, and children.
There have also been recent threats of Economic Sanctions against Iran and Syria, in addition to the de-facto sanctions in place that have a stranglehold on everyday life in palestine. It has been proven time and time again that sanctions destroy the population and do nothing to hurt those in power. We need only look as far as Iraq to see the devastating effect that the US/UK sanctions regime had on the population.
Don't believe me? Check the words of Denis Halliday and Hans von Sponeck, the chief UN Humanitarian Coordinators for Iraq who resigned in protest to the "genocidal" nature of the Economic Sanctions against Iraq in the 1990s up until 2003. Or just read the moving description by Baghdad Treasure as a first hand account of the suffering. Or have a look at Human Rights watch's statements regarding the sanctions that cost countless lives. Yet it's a threat that won't be taken off the table. Do human beings really care so little about the lives of their fellow man?

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