The Rich Get Richer

This was on bloomberg.com today:
"The Cheneys had $2.47 million withheld from his salary and by their investment managers and are claiming a tax refund of $1.94 million, according to their return, released three days before Monday's filing deadline."
Ok, now correct me if I'm wrong, but I coulda swore that there were roughly 36 Million people living BELOW the "Poverty Line" in america. And these people pay MORE TAX than dick cheney pays. Millionare former and future Oil Tycoon dick (his name doesn't deserve capitalization) cheney gets tax back AND, on stock dividends (for the un-initiated, most major companies hide large percentages of the salaries they pay to their corporate executives as "stock options" or as company held dividends) pays a measley 15% tax, while the Average Joe pays roughly 30% tax (see Tax Freedom Day report on Tax Foundation's website as the only referance I could find about american tax percentages). This brings us to topic #2: Trickle Down Economics (a.k.a. Reaganomics in honor of their creator).
Giving loads of money to the rich and expecting that money to slowly filter down to the masses (George Orwell called them/us "The Proles") DOES NOT WORK. We learned this during the huge economic slump (RECESSION) of the 1980s when Reagan/Bush1 tried it the first time. But whaddya know, the SAME PEOPLE are in power again, and those SAME PEOPLE are the ones who have the most to gain from tax cuts for the rich, because, whaddya know, they ARE the rich. Unscrupulous greedy short-sighted evil little trolls that are going to try to send as many working class people off to war as they possibly can because they figure working class people won't vote for them, and so they might as well just go off and die.
Ain't america grand?

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