Trying to calm down...

AlJazeera ran a front page headline on their website today regarding the suicide bombing in Tel Aviv that killed 9 people. The 18 people killed in recent attacks by the Israeli military on Northern Gaza get one sentence buried deep in the article about the Tel Aviv bombing, and a search on AlJazeera.net for "Gaza Attack" gets 11 hits, the most recent of which is from JULY OF 2005. And people think Aljazeera has an arab bias.

The Pope's statements during his easter mass yesterday being misstated or completely absent from the media (what he actually said was something along the lines of asking the world community to "assist the Palestinian people to overcome the precarious conditions in which they live, and to build their future, moving toward the constitution of a state that is truly their own.") could EASILY be construed as part of a systematic misrepresentation and manipulation of news stories by international media. As what he ACTUALLY said does not fit with the current propaganda model and what appears to be a push to relegate the lives of Arabs to the status of nothing more than "collateral damage" as opposed to "human lives." It doesn't fit, so it gets left out.
Perhaps that's why Palestine is so bullied. Honestly, can you think of ANY OTHER WORD to describe Palestine or the Palestinian people OTHER THAN bullied? All over the news today are statements by Iran and Quatar pledging aid to Palestine, and WHY are the U.S. and E.U. WITHOLDING their aid? Because Hamas won't recognize the Israeli state?! OF COURSE THEY WON'T RECOGNIZE ISRAEL YOU MORONS, TO DO SO WOULD BE TO SURRENDER THE PALISTINIAN TERRITORIES BEING ILLEGALLY ADDED TO THE TERRITORY OF ISRAEL BY THEIR FUCKING WALL! THE WALL THE THE INTERNATIONAL COURT AT THE HAGUE RULED WAS ILLEGAL TWO YEARS AGO BUT THAT IS STILL BEING BUILT! WHERE ARE THE FUCKING SANCTIONS AND WITHHOLDING OF AID FOR ISRAEL OVER THAT?!?!?!?!
Fucking Twats.

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